Our Story

Welcome to our site!

We are a professional full service Spa located in Glencoe, IL.

Our owner and lead esthetician Angie, began her journey and love of skincare at the age of 17. She has always believed in natural European skincare.

While we do incorporate modern technologies and equipment, we stay true to our mission in utilizing your skins built in ability to regenerate itself without the use of harsh chemicals or equipment.

Properly cleansed and stimulated skin mixed with the use of lymphatic drainage massage to release toxins are some of Angie's many techniques used in refreshing and revitalizing your skin.

Everything is handled with balance incorporating not only what is seen on the surface of your skin but also delving deeper into the actual source of the problem. Such as, diet, hormonal activity, digestion, and stress levels. Our facial is an all encompassing treatment combining your body and soul.

We can not wait to pamper you!